My girlfriend's child is near perfect. Charlotte loves ice cream, dance parties, and Star Wars. For her third birthday, she wanted a Yoda Party, she got the best Yoda party we could throw her. 

Like most kids, she loves to watch Star Wars. Mostly Empire, because it has Yoda in it. The problem with watching the trilogy is that my girlfriend spends most of her time fast forwarding through "scary" or I don't like him(the Emperor) parts. This soon became tedious because her child wants to watch Yoda and Darth Vader everyday. 

So, I have taken upon myself to come up with an edit of New Hope, Empire, and Jedi safe enough for Charlotte to watch, so both her and my girlfriend can enjoy the films together. 

With all the talk about Star Wars these days, I wanted to share Charlotte's Cut with you:

Technical Notes and Edit Choices:

  • The edits are from the Despecialized Edition that Harmy painstakingly restored for our viewing pleasure
  • No one shoots first
  • The Emperor does not exist 
  • Darth Vader doesn't die, actually no one dies. 

As Charlotte grows older, these films will be updated until she is okay with watching Emperor get his justly end.